Encompass Management Group leverages innovation, technology, relationships, and experience to deliver a higher standard of management to your facility.  We focus first on reducing your bottom line while enhancing client satisfaction through improved efficiencies and a proactive approach.


Our first step is to conduct a needs analysis of each facility to develop a complete understanding of your situation, objectives, and constraints.  We then customize our services platform, and implement an action plan designed to achieve a cash positive position from day one. 

The secret to our success is consistently delivering to a higher standard. It is a product of precise goal setting, cost management, and determined motivation to satisfy the needs of the commercial client.
The managing partners of Encompass collectively represent over 85 years of experience in facility management services.  Our breadth of experience enables us to deliver comprehensive results.
We are keenly aware clients want solutions to benefit their operations and facilities. Our property managers appreciate a client’s demand for quality work and professional project management with respect to scheduling, cost controls, and overall accountability.

Encompass Management Group commands a pool of quality niche contractors with better pricing to service commercial facilities, allowing us to leverage savings by means of negotiated volume discounts.

Finally, we are there for you.  Facilities are there to serve people- we are people there to serve you.


Our goal at Encompass Management Group is to optimize the appearance and operation of the commercial properties we manage.
Our objective is accomplished by way of a customized service program designed to meet the needs of the individual client.

A good management company should provide a measure of services to effectively manage commercial facilities. Encompass Management Group delivers to a higher standard, establishing superior schedules of preventative maintenance, crucially analyzing either reported or noted building issues, establishing and maintaining a 24/7 availability,  constantly evaluating niche contractors to secure the best under our command, and addressing challenges with unswerving attention to detail, all the while focused on the value of our relationship with our client.


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